Spanking and spice

All things spanko and dominance related spicy kink to your stew

Yes, mistress... *sigh*

Lavage des sol de la cuisine !

Yes mommy, I learned my lesson. Can I get dressed now?

No young lady, I am turning off the light and you are to stay in bed.

But it is only 5:30 mommy.

You should have thought about that and your behavior before you sassed me.

So many domestic boys forget that there is more to serving a working woman than sex.

When she leaves for work you need to take care of her home, prepare her food, work on your body and prepare anything she might desire for her return.

So true. My FLR started with me volunteering to do more housework, even before my first discipline session ever was conceived. I saw the need not only to submit to my wife, but to serve her as well. 

This is where it all begins...


True :-)

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